Thursday, June 2, 2011

One - exercises

Went to the pool for an hour. I probably did about 20 minutes of swimming total. We left because S/O has to go to work and some little kids kept splashing my baby in the face. Really? I get you're having fun, but you really feel the need to splash a 13 month old in the face and laugh? Assholes. Yeah, I called them assholes. Especially the meek parents who you could barely here tell them to stop.

Had some watermelon and will be giving the baby a bath now as she is covered in lasagna. I have 40 more minutes left to fulfill my goal for today, and I intend on taking a nice stroll and doing some kettle bell exercises.

Let's so far I've eaten:

-A cheesestick
-A handful of chips and natural salsa
-A pepsi throwback
-A bowl of cereal
-2 nectarines

The beibs is still sleeping. Once she wakes up I plan on going for a long walk. Then while she's eating dinner I'll do some floor exercises. Lunges, push ups, sit ups, squats, et cetera.

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