Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've been a part of the digital age for awhile now. I'll always be an internet kid, so I guess it makes sense that the only way I can achieve goals is to blog about it for accountability. Narcissism or the age in which we live?

It's been 13 1/2 months since giving birth. Thirteen months ago I envisioned myself to be svelte, in a bikini, with long flowing golden hair. I don't know why - I was never fit to begin with, though looking back at old pictures of myself I truly wish I would have been less harsh while looking in the mirror. I'd give my left pinky toe to look like I did 2 years ago.

Here I am. Blogging to, who? Whom? Anyone? Regardless I'll be here, blogging about my weight loss journey, my exercise habits, and why sweating is really, really annoying.

I'll start today, with a goal of exercising every single day for at least one hour. Is that ambitions or not enough? We'll see. I took up jogging earlier this year and for some reason I just stopped. I think I lost my iPod and didn't feel like running without it, and once the baby took it out of her hiding place I never started running again.

Today's goal, one hour of exercise. I may go swimming today, provided it doesn't rain, though it looks fairly windy so I think I'll stick with power walking.

Listening to: Glass by Bat for Lashes


  1. To answer your mostly rhetorical questions, I think it's narcissism, but I'm guilty of it, too. If I wasn't, than I wouldn't be answering rhetorical questions, now would I? Blogging to me, maybe only once, as I don't follow any blogs, nor do I click on blog links. This was a first time occurrence. I think one hour is too much of a commitment. I think a 10 minute dvd is a good start, especially with a small child at home. Also, I agree, sweating is annoying. I think you stopped jogging because you realized it's lame. No guy ever went jogging to get laid, because it's lame. If you must go outdoors, try a real sport, something sexy. Surfing, snowboarding, etc.

  2. Haha, a sexy sport. Would pole dancing classes fall under that, or would that fall under "hella trashy"?

    Yes. Jogging is lame. No one likes to jog. No one ever smiles while they're jogging because it sucks. Everyone smiles while swimming or snowboarding.